Indoor and Outdoor Games

Main Level Grilling and Dining Area

Upon entering, the front closet is where we store all the sand toys for the children. Please rinse them and return them to the closet before departure. The lower-level bookshelf is stocked with a variety of games, including playing cards, Pictionary for both children and adults, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Play Nine, and the Doo Daddy dice game, which is great fun for large groups.

For adults who enjoy poker, we have a complete set with clay chips and cards, housed in a metal case in the main floor closet right by the entrance.

“Jenga Blocks,” stored in a case, and other outdoor games are also located in the main floor closet.

Outside, you’ll find the “Corn Hole” game and a hopscotch pattern on the walk-out deck, which is fun for adults as well!