Kitchen & Pantry

Main Floor Living with View

Small Appliances include a blender, opener, toaster, kettle, and a coffee maker that uses coffee grounds. You’ll find cooking essentials like oils, salt & pepper, and wine vinaigrette, among others.

Cottage Home PEI boasts an extensive selection of cookware. Some items available are a set of stainless-steel pots & pans, a wok, cast iron skillets, a panini grill, lobster pots, a baking mixer, cookie sheets, and a crockpot, to name a few.

The pantry is well-stocked for your convenience. Should you forget something, you’re likely to find it or a suitable substitute. It’s filled with a variety of spices, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, soup bouillons, rice, pancake mix, and more.

We encourage guests to ‘Tip the Pantry’ by adding something to enhance our collection. Your contributions are greatly appreciated by us and the families that follow.

The bottom shelf of the pantry is equipped with paper plates, napkins, and utensils for your use.

This information should assist you in your preparations.

Thanks Sandy